Brian Myers

Owner, Trainer

SFG Level 2, Precision Nutrition Level I Coach, NSCA-CPT,
Associates Degree in Nuclear Medicine.

Brian’s training style is straight forward and simple. “Move better, get stronger.” Brian believes in training his students in a manner that helps them achieve optimal range of motion through mobility and flexibility. Thus allowing the students to move more naturally, while getting stronger in the process, primarily through the use of kettlebells. Brian trains a wide range of clientele so he is able to program effectively to suite each individuals needs, from athletes to the weekend warrior.

Brian has always been into fitness and health, but there was a time that he let himself go and realized something had to be done to take his life back. Brian started running and did a few 5K’s here and there, and also competed in local sprint triathlon’s. From there, he found Cross fit and in comes the kettlebell! That would change the way Brian and his wife Roxanne would look at fitness forever. Brian believes that there is no other single fitness tool out there that can help restore movement, mobility, and strength like the kettlebell. Brian trained hard and with his lovely sidekick, they both decided to take on the task of becoming SFG Level 1 instructors, one of the best certification programs offered. Now, Brian and his wife are able to bring that level of training to you.

Brian has been married for 19 years and has two awesome kiddos, Dakota and Brianna. He is committed to his health and fitness and has a passion to help other achieve their optimal health and fitness as well. He is always staying on top of the latest information on kettlebell, body weight, and barbell information as any professional should. Training with Brian, you can expect a wealth of knowledge on kettlebells, with safety being his number one priority. Be ready to learn and work hard when training with Brian and you will get the best out of your sessions.


Roxanne Myers

Owner, Trainer, Massage Therapist


As a trainer, I will offer you a wealth of knowledge to help you to get and maintain a quality of life you were meant to have. I expect a lot from my students, because Moving Better, Getting Stronger takes commitment and practice.  If you can give me a no excuses attitude, together we can make you StrongFirst for life.

I began my journey to guiding people to a healthy lifestyle as a Licensed Massage Therapist in ’99 through Austin School of Massage.  I have since developed my own technique, blending my knowledge and experience with myofascial release, facilitated stretching, and the training I’ve had with Rolfing.  With this technique I can clear out old scar tissue and adhesions, to help restore original range of motion.

I became a NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning) certified personal trainer in 2011, then went on to get SFG Level 1 certified in 2013, and Level 2 in April of 2014.  SFG (StrongFirst) was the connection I needed between massage and personal training.  After working to restore proper range of motion through massage, I can help you to move better, and get stronger using the SFG (StrongFirst) system.  If you can give me commitment to improve your health, together we can help you change your life.


Ryan Canode

Ryan was born and raised in Amarillo, TX. He has always been very active whether it was playing sports, hiking, skiing, or out on the lake. Ryan has his SFG1 Certification. He enjoys Coaching group classes as well as private training. The greatest thing about Hard Style Kettle Bell training for Ryan is the impact it has had outside the gym. Ryan owns a commercial janitorial company and uses multiple heavy pieces of floor equipment. Since training with kettle bells he has noticed it is much easier to use and haul the equipment. Ryan is married and has three boys. His whole family trains at Primitive Strength. The style of training from Primitive Strength that focuses on moving better and getting stronger is life changing and has given Ryan the ability to do better at his job and gives him the energy to what he loves most which is spend time with his family and be active with them.

Cherylle Florer

Massage Therapist

Cherylle is a recent graduate from ACE School of Massage with training in Trigger point therapy, deep tissue, prenatal, and carpal tunnel massage. Her dedication to helping others heal began in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Texas Tech University. Despite maintaining a full time career in nursing, her passion is the pursuit of fitness through all different modalities while hoping to inspire others to do the same. Cherylle has attended a CARE intensive receiving training in Vitaflex and Raindrop technique with the use of essential oils and is pursuing a certification as a CARE instructor.

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